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Award-winning Wild & Furry Animals of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, written & illustrated by renowned artist Lee James Pantas, is an enchanting collection of wonderful creatures found in this beautiful realm. The Southern Appalachian Mountains, stretching from West Virginia to Alabama, are home to an amazing and diverse group of mammals, both large and small, from the astonishing Star-Nosed Mole and the adorable Southern Flying Squirrel to the mythical Black Bear and playful River Otter. Wild & Furry Animals of the Southern Appalachian Mountains visits each one on a delightful journey of art and nature. Full page, exquisite pen & ink illustrations accompanied by key information and little known "fun facts" bring some of the most extraordinary animals in America’s southern mountains to life. Wild & Furry Animals, a nature book and an art book, is appropriate for all ages, young and old. The compact size of the book, with a notes section, also allows it to serve as a field guide as well.Wild & Furry Animals of the Southern Appalachian Mountain has also recently been awarded a Bronze Medal for Animal Books in the 22nd Annual Independent Publishers Awards in addition to being selected for addition to the Library of Congress, and the Mammals Library of the Smithsonian Museum.