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  • Inspired by sleeping outside under giant evergreen tree's.
  • Size - 4" x 4.5"
  • Illustrated by David Powell
  • Premium sticker: waterproof & fade proof with aggressive adhesive for outdoor or indoor placement.

  • Made in America.

The sticker story...

It takes time getting used to the silence, there's no constant urban hum out here. You feel the open space around you. The birds hopping from limb to limb and squirrels prancing about are your loudest neighbors.

Looking straight up the giant evergreens bend around you reaching past the clouds as century old sentinels of the forest. The seasons and years are but ripples in the pond to these life givers.

Finding the driest kindling you can, a fire is a must to help warm the soul and sore wet feet. With your favorite book in hand and backpack against a tree, you lean back into the wilderness.