Introducing Outside World’s new Rewards Program!

We have set up our Rewards Program in an effort to show our gratitude to our amazing community of adventurers. You all have shown us so much love through the “great gear shortage of the early 20s”. We know it’s been frustrating to shop for the gear you need, but our community has shown us nothing but support, patience, and understanding. So, THANK YOU!

And now, you get rewarded to shop with Outside World! With every dollar you spend, you earn 1 Explore Point. 


1 explore point Every $1 spent at Outside World (online or in store)
50 explore points Like us on Facebook
50 explore points Follow us on Instagram
50 explore points Share us on Facebook
100 explore points Birthday gift!
100 explore points Tag us in a post (Instagram or Facebook)
100 explore points Leave us a review through Google or Facebook


500 explore points = $5 off

1000 explore points = $10 off 

1500 explore points = $15 off

2000 explore points = $20 off


  • You must have an account created to earn rewards. Create an account HERE
  • Must use links from the rewards button to earn points for following us on social media. (see image below)
  • Must enter birth date through the rewards button for birthday gift 
  • Points earned for social media tags, mentions, recommendations, and reviews are not applied immediately, but added manually by our team. It may take 3 or so days to see the points in your rewards account.

Finding the rewards button on your mobile device:

Finding the rewards button on your computer:

Don’t forget, now you can shop online at www.outsideworldoutfitters.com and pick up in store!