Being a climber, I love getting outside my comfort zone and visiting new places, but Atlanta is my home. Between awesome food, bike trails, parks, and music, Atlanta has some great spots for Urban Adventures. Whether it is riding bikes on the beltline, skating O4W, grabbing a burger in L5P, or seeing a great show, things here in the south are hard to beat! These are my top 10 favorites (not in any particular order). Enjoy!

Bouldering at Boat Rock Preserve

Located in a less-than-reputable part of town (fulton industrial), Boat Rock is an unlikely boulder field owned by the Southeastern Climbers Coalition. Most folks are surprised to find some of the best granite in the south in the middle of the city! Be respectful of neighboring landowners, avoid wire brushes on holds, and have a blast! Without the SCC, this place would have been leveled and turned into a neighborhood.

1224 Boat Rock Road SW

Classic Problems: Paint Can V5, Fire Woman V4, Yellow Arete V4, Spiderman V3, Lost Digits V3, Easy Crack V0, Waves in Motion V2

Me on Yellow Wall Slab V4 at Float the Boat 2013
Me on Yellow Wall Slab V4 at Float the Boat 2013

Old Fourth Ward Skatepark & Beltline Trail

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Atlanta is Old Fourth Ward. it has been re-vitalized with new apartments, restored homes, great restaurants, and an awesome skatepark & paved trail! You can ride your bikes from the Beltline to Piedmont Park and enjoy the ATL Botanical Garden, the aquatic center, or play sports on the fields!


If you need a great local spot to eat, look no further than Bantam Pub! (Their brunch is killer.)

Add your snapchats to the local Atlanta Story!  It is a great way to see what goes on around the city.
Add your snapchats to the local Atlanta Story! It is a great way to see what goes on around the city.

Argosy – East Atlanta

I love hanging out in east Atlanta, mainly because I love good food and good beer. If you love these as well, you will have to check out Argosy. Their tuna melt is killer, pizza is always on point, and I dare you to find a better beer list!


If you are looking for a place to get some sick socks, walk across the street to Sock Fancy. The sign in the window says “Rock out with your sock out”, so you basically have to go in. My recommendation: the squid socks.

Giant PBR Can next to Argosy #truelove
Giant PBR Can next to Argosy #truelove

Little 5 Points

You can’t go wrong eating basically anywhere in little 5 points. Grab some vinyl at Criminal Records, loot Junk Man’s Daughter, and grab a meal at any of the local restaurants and you can’t go wrong. Here are my favorite L5P restaurants in order.

  1. Porter Beer Bar: Beer list is on point, everything on the menu is delicious.
  2. Vortex: An ATL favorite, good burgers but often crowded (only 21+ allowed in)
  3. L5 Pizza: great pizza right between Vortex & Criminal Records


Red Brick Brewing

This is my favorite Atlanta brewery. Great folks and great beer! They are generous with their pours and provide a great atmosphere. Red Brick is great about supporting locals too; they sponsored this year’s Boat Rock Bouldering competition and provided beer for folks! Check out the Divine Bovine & Hoplanta IPA!

Red Brick's Taproom
Red Brick’s Taproom

Virginia Highlands

This is another restaurant spot (you will thank me later). Walk around highlands for a bit and your mouth will start watering. Here are my favorite spots here…

  1. Noche: awesome spot to grab a beer and Tapas. They change the menu up fairly often but I have never had anything bad here!
  2. Paolo’s Gelato: hands down, best gelato you can get your mitts on.
  3. Yeah! Burger: two words… BACON JAM

Stone Summit Climbing & Fitness Center

I personally would never choose to climb indoors over climbing outdoors, but if you have no time for a trip to Chattanooga, the weather is bad, or you live locally and need a spot to train or learn about the sport look no further! They have awesome sport climbing, bouldering, a friendly staff, and great walls for kids too! Check out Unique Outfitters inside for climbing gear needs.

Stone summit

Buford Highway

Driving onto Buford highway and hopping between shops and restaurants can be akin to visiting several different countries in a day. It is a melting pot of Asian, Hispanic, and other cultures and lets you try new foods and meet awesome people, you just have to be willing and leave your pickyness at the door! There are tons of places here to try and visit, so I am just going to leave you with two:

  1. Ming’s BBQ: authentic Cantonese bbq… look no further! They literally chop your meal off of delicious whole roasted animals. Cash only!
  2. Buford Highway Farmers Market: try not to spend too much, foods from all over the globe in one diverse location!
The window at Ming's BBQ
The window at Ming’s BBQ

Papi’s Cuban

In my humble (and strong) opinion, this is the best Cuban food in ATL. Their whole menu is amazing, and they make a killer medianoche. They have rice and beans, yucca, maduros, the whole deal!

check them out at


Music Venues For Days!

Atlanta is a rad place to go see a show. The Fox, Center Stage, The Masquerade, and more! Atlanta has an awesome music scene to explore!


I hope you enjoy my ATL favorites! We can’t get out to the crag or on the river every weekend, plus a night on the town is always a blast! Eat well, drive safe, and try not to melt in the GA summer heat!


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