Another year is ending and if you are like me you may not have all of your Holiday shopping done. Buying someone a gift who loves to be outdoors can be a bit tricky. With an ever changing gear wish list it can be hard to know what is outdated or what is really needed. In this post I will let you know what some of the top items for men and women have been in our shop this year as well as explain what makes these items so hot.

#1 Yeti Rambler

The first item is the “Holy Grail” of this Christmas season: the Yeti 20 & 30 oz. Rambler. If you can find one of these then hold on tight! Last year we ran out of these cups in mid-November so we made sure to order more this year. Dec. 1 we got 400 in stock and were sold out of them by Dec. 8th. We will be getting another order the fist part of January but until then, good luck finding one that is not being sold for double the price. These cups are great though. The one I have will keep ice for 24 hour and it will keep my coffee hot for 6+ hours. Another fad with these cups is to get them painted. Here at Outside World Outfitters we took several to be Hydro-dipped as seen below.

Yeti Ramblers

I will mention for those that do not need the Yeti status symbol in their hand that Hydroflask, who has been making a similar cup longer are still in stock and the preferred drinking cup of not only myself but also our staff.

#2 ENO Hammock

These first two items are not gender specific. Everyone from dad to 12 year old little Susie are buying these. Eagle Nest Outfitters have been popular with hikers and campers for many years now, it was only a few years ago that the general public discovered how great they are. With more color options than a field of wildflowers, these hammocks fly off the shelves. Hikers are using them to camp, college students will set them up and relax, concert goers are using them, and middle school girls will set them up in the neighborhood to catch up on gossip.   If you would like to get one for someone who loves to camp, ENO has made the hammock a great tool with many add-on features to include a tarp, outer sleeping bag, pillow, and even camp chairs. Keep in mind that if you purchase one of these hammocks I would also invest in the straps that they make so setup will be quick and easy.


Woman Specific Gift Ideas

#1 Kavu Rope bag 

Whether going for a day hike or a day of shopping the Kavu Rope Bag is a great way to comfortably carry all the essentials that a woman needs. Storage is no problem for the Rope Bag. It has a sling like strap that stays in place and distributes the weight very well. The most popular thing about the Rope Bag is the color and pattern choices one has.


#2 Patagonia Jacket

Patagonia has plenty of options when trying to keep that special someone warm. My wife has both the Women’s Better Sweater and a Women’s Synchilla Snap T. Also, the Los Gatos is a very popular option. All of these items can be used as an outer layer on mild days or an insulating mid-layer on colder wet days.


#3 Momentum Wraps & Necklace

This last item is in no way a technical piece of gear but it will help motivate someone to get outside and make the most of each day.

Momentum is a jewelry company that helps women “be focused, stay motivated, and live inspired”. We carry both the Motivate Wrap and the Inspire Necklace. The wraps have quotes on them that say things like “Strong is the new Beautiful” and “Find Joy in the Journey”.


The Inspire Necklace is a beautiful Aluminum pendant with quotes like “Live Fearlessly”.



Gifts for Men

#1 Berney’s Original Beard Butter & Duke Cannon Supply Co. Soap

We all know that there are fewer things more manly than being outdoors. But one of the down sides is that the more manly activities one does outdoors, the more he begins to smell and the more his long flowing man beard turns into a huge rats nest. This is not appealing. So, to combat the smelly rat’s nest that the outdoors can produce but still keep all the manliness we have Duke Cannon & Berney’s Original.

Berney’s beard butter is a must have for any guy that has a beard. With his all natural ingredients that include Cocoa  & Shea butter as well as beeswax, essential oils, and being handcrafted in the North Georgia mountains this stuff is a must have. Not only will this help moisturize and nourish a beard but it will also help it stay under control.

beard butter

As for Duke Cannon’s “Big Ass Brick of Soap”, well he describes it best when he says that it smells like victory. Men should smell like men. Duke Cannon is helping men everywhere do that. Here is a video that I made for our shop when we first started carrying Dukes Cannon soap as well as a product shot I made for the soap.



#2 Smartwool Socks

Any guy that is going to be outdoors needs a pair of Smartwool socks. What makes these socks so good? Well it is the wool. Smartwool is made using Merino wool which is larger than regular wool. This makes it able to absorb more moisture than regular wool keeping your foot dry and reducing blisters. Another benefit to the Smartwool sock is it comes with a 2 year warranty.  If you have had the sock for under two years you can mail it to Smartwool and they will send you a brand new pair of socks with no questions asked. To make this an even better deal, here at Outside World Outfitters we are running a buy 3 pair get one pair free until Christmas Eve.

SW sock

#3 Hults Bruk Axe

No I did not misspell the word ax. Hults Bruk are all handcrafted in Sweden, and in Sweden Ax is spelled Axe.  These guys have been making some of the finest axes since 1697. We have several of these axes to choose from. You can opt for the hand forged axe head or the machine forged,  hand sharpened head, which is a little bit cheaper. We also have a shorter hatchet style handle or a longer mid-sized axe handle.

No matter which one you choose they all come in their own box with a leather blade cover. Just so you know how sharp they are, I was able to shave the hair off my arm with one.

Below is a product shot I took of the Hults Bruk mid-sized axe with some Duke Cannon soap.



I hope that this article is helpful and that all of you last minute shoppers can find the important people in your lives the perfect gift. If any of you have any questions on the products that I have mentioned then please leave a comment. We love hearing from you! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Outside World Outfitters! #outfitting_exploration






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