Thomas Clements is one of our Outside World Fishing Team Members and has recently placed Second at the River Bassin tournament at Saint Marks. Here is his review of the Jackson Kraken 13.5.

I spend most of my time in my kayak on rivers. I paddle a Jackson Kiloy and I love it. It is fairly fast, extremely stable, and just a good all-around fishing kayak. Georgia Kayak Fishing hosted a fishing tournament on Clark Hill Lake. I figured it would be a great opportunity to demo Jackson’s new Kraken. Outside World Outfitters set me up with their 13.5.

The Kraken was designed for saltwater fishing or fishing where a lot of paddling was required. It is a great boat and lives up to its name. Speed and practicality are two areas it really excels. Many of the features that are found on the popular Coosa HD are also found on the Kraken.

A lot of storage space in the front and rear makes carrying all of my gear easy. There are many Ram rail mounts strategically placed on this boat for maximum efficient use. These are great for mounting your GoPro’s, trolling, mounting your depth finders, and any other gear you may need quick access to. The seat is great. There are several positions to lock it in that account for any added weight or different style of fishing you may be doing. The center console isn’t water tight but it does have a gasket that keeps most water out. It also is quick access so it’s a great place to put you identifier or water bottle. There are Ram rail mounts on the lid to the center console that are a great place to mount a depth finder, phone holder, or GoPro.

The back of the Kraken has plenty of storage.

The bungee cord is great for securing your J-Krate or milk crate. It has Ram rails on each side as well. At the very back is a dry hatch for putting a change of clothes, camera gear, or just more storage space. The 13.5 is also lighter than the original 15 foot Kraken. The only down side to having a boat that is built for speed and breaking waves is that you lose some ability to stand. The Kraken is perfectly stable when sitting down but unless you are an experienced kayaker I would not recommend stand up fishing in the Kraken.

Over all the Jackson Kraken 13.5 is a great boat and extremely fun to paddle. I would recommend this to anyone who fishes big lakes or salt water. It is a well-designed and well-built boat.

Tight Lines and Good Times,

Thomas Clements



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