Paddle Classes At Outside World Outfitters

Come learn with us at Outside World Outfitters! We are proud to be home to the only indoor wave pool in the country, and have ACA certified instructors on staff to teach classes year-round.

Indoor Classes

Come hang with out whitewater instructor in the southeast's only indoor wave pool.

Offered in a beginner and advanced format. The beginner class is designed to be an introductory class to learn a basic roll. The class will go over the mechanics of a roll. The C to C roll is the preferred first roll to learn. We also go over the wet exit, hip snaps, and much more! The advanced roll class is used to improve a paddler’s roll, learn a new methods, and practice in current. These are great for the student who wants to obtain a stronger roll! In Advanced Rolling, we teach the c to c roll, sweep roll, backdeck roll, and hand roll.

Our intro to paddling class is a beginner level class designed for individuals that have never paddled before. Our instructor will start with basic terminology and concepts before moving on to in-water technique. Learn basic in-water safety, re-entry and paddle techniques. Ideal for children or adults. Bring your own paddle or rent one of ours.

Offered in a beginner and advanced format. The beginner class will focus on basic techniques used to maneuver your boat in current. Participants will learn to use the power of currents to their advantage and make them more sound paddlers. The advanced course will push you to hone your maneuvering skills with a combination of the advanced strokes previously learned from other classes. Designed to make you comfortable and efficient in current, this class teaches advanced techniques such as stern squirts, enders, and surfing.

Indoor classes are $50/hour, per class. Please call ahead for availability and reservations.

Outdoor Classes

Ready to take your skills to the next level? These classes offer a totally immersive experience.

After at least one indoor class, the next step is get on the river! You'll start your day at 9:00 am at our store on GA 400 in Dawsonville. Once we size you with the correct gear, we will go directly to Lake Lanier to work on wet exits, rolls, paddling strokes, and rescue techniques. After working up an appetite paddling, we will break for lunch. Next, we will travel to the Upper "Hooch" or an equivalent river. Paddling this section will take between 3-4 hours. We will break at surfing rapid for a snack and to practice surfing and rolls. We'll return to the store at around 5:00 pm. Call ahead for scheduling and reservation. $250/day for 2 people.

Recretionals classes are taught on the Chestatee River near Dahlonega, GA or Lake Lanier at Thompson Creek Park in Dawsonville, GA. These classes will focus on the basic techniques and skills required to fully enjoy the sport of flat water kayaking or SUP. Basic skills taught include entry and exit from shore to water, as well as basic strokes and maneuverability. Our ACA certified Instructor will also explain different techniques for navigating your way down the river. Basic water reading, navigation, hazard prevention and obstacles are all covered in this day long class. Call ahead for reservations and availability. Prices start at $150 for 2 people.

The Wave

"The Wave" is a simulated river feature in our exclusive indoor play pool at Outside World Outfitters. It's an excellent device for teaching beginner and intermediate technique, testing new boats or just having fun without all the preparation one might need for a river trip.

Wave Pool use without instruction is $40 per hour with a maximum of three people. Must be 18 years of age or have parent or guardian present. Helmets and PFD required.