Kayaking is an awesome way to get outside and stay cool in the summer, especially in the steamy Georgia summer! Choosing your first kayak can be overwhelming, given how many different types & manufacturers there are.  In this post, we will highlight a few recreational kayak and paddle options that are affordable and perform well.

Sit Insides:

Dagger Zydeco– The zydeco comes in a 9′ and 11′ model, and is an excellent all around rec kayak.

It offers a super comfortable padded seat with an adjustable backrest, and the 11′ model has a rear hatch for gear storage. The zydeco is a great all around rec kayak, as it performs well in both lakes and rivers. The 9′ weighs only 36lbs, so it is fairly easy to move around and transport.


Jackson Tupelo– The Tupelo is a great hybrid between a touring & recreational sit inside. It features Jackson’s Elite seat, tracks for accessories, a rear hatch, and bungee storage. It is a beginner friendly boat, offering a stable platform to get out and enjoy the water! This boat is offered in both a 12′ and 12.5′ model.


Wilderness Systems Pungo– The Wilderness systems Pungo is a tried and true design: this boat has been around  a long time! It continues to offer a stable platform for beginners & experienced paddlers alike. It is performs well on flatwater and lazy rivers, and features a rear hatch and external bungee storage.


Sit on Tops

Dagger Roam– The Roam is new for 2015 and is an awesome crossover sit on top. Its hull design & thigh braces allow you to navigate class III whitewater well, and its drop-down skeg improves its tracking on the lake and lazy rivers. Its rear deck offers ample gear storage, and small hatches offer storage for belongings. The Roam is offered in 11.5′ and 9.5′ models.roam-square-720x720Perception Tribe– The tribe is an excellent budget sit on top, offering great stability and durability at a fair price. These come in a tandem 13.5′ , single 9.5′ and single 11.5′. They have molded handles, a thick and durable hull, and more comfortable seats for 2015.

tribeJackson Cruise– The Jackson cruise comes in both a 10′ and a 12′ model and offers a great recreational sit on top platform, as well as a versatile blank slate for kayak fishing. It has a very stable hull design and a comfortable seat, making it an awesome boat for hanging out on the lakes with.



Aquabound Manta Ray Aluminum– The Manta Ray Aluminum kayak paddle has more horsepower for big boats, high-angle paddlers, and moving water. Featuring Aquabound’s abXII blades with a corrosion resistant, anodized shaft, this is a quality recreational paddle with a low price tag. mrCannon Escape FX– The Escape was designed to enhance blade stability as well as  recreational ease of use. The design of the blade allows for easy pull through the water, moving you forward on less effort. It isn’t too hard on the wallet either!


Werner Tybee– The Tybee is a great value for those with a budget but still after the performance of high angle paddling. Find design features direct from our higher models, but at a lower price. A great spare paddle for expedition or coastal paddlers.


We hope these recommendations work out well for you! Visit either of our shops for hands on experience with these products. We demo the Zydeco, Tribe, cruise, Tybee paddle, and Escape paddle!


One Thought on “Choosing Recreational Kayaking Gear”

  • I agree with all of your suggestions, particularly the Dagger Zydeco and the Perception Tribe. Both are excellent recreational kayaks well-suited for beginners and at offered at really great prices. The Pungo, of course, is a classic as well. Great round up of kayaking essentials!

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