On Saturday April 28th, Outside World Outfitter’s own Dustan Bishop is flying out West to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Outside World family is sad to see Dustan go, but also proud of her for having the confidence and drive to take on this adventure. Before Dustan’s last day at work, we chatted with her to find out more about this backpacking adventure.

Female Appalachian Trail Thru hike


 When are you leaving to backpack the Pacific Crest Trail?

I fly to San Diego on April 28th and start walking 30th.

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How many miles are you hiking?

The PCT is about 2,660 miles and I will be walking all of those.

How long are you planning to hike?

I hope to finish the trail in about 5 months but being on trail for longer is definitely not a bad thing.


What gear are you taking?

Here’s a list of my main gear pieces.

  • Pack: Etowah Gear Escapist Pack 55L
  • Shelter: Etowah Gear Ultralight Tarp paired with a Sea to Summit Nano Mosquito Pyramid Bug Net
  • Sleep System: Thermarest NeoAir X-Lite sleeping pad and Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20* Quilt

Tell us about your experience on the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Trail changed my life in ways that I’m still discovering. I had a truly wonderful experience hiking for 8 months. I made great friends and I found the t

Female hiker dawson forest trail

rue meaning of life. Or at least mine.

What made you want to hike the PCT?

I knew before I was even off the AT that I wanted to hike the PCT. I’m really just looking forward to another great adventure and some more quality time in nature.

What have you learned from your thru-hiking experiences?

Thru-hiking has taught me persistence and dedication can get you pretty far in life. Nothing worth having ever comes free. Don’t quit on a bad day. Slow down and have fun!

How are you applying what you learned from the AT to your PCT hike?

I’m definitely taking lots of learned things from the AT to the PCT. The main thing though, is the confidence in myself that I can do this!

Are there any complications with being a solo female hiker? If so, how do you overcome them?

Complications with being a solo female hiker are few and far between for me. I mostly spend a lot of time convincing people that I’ll be ok by myself in the wilderness.

Female hiker winter trail woody gap


What sections of the PCT are you most excited about?

I am most excited to see the desert and the Cascade Range but I’m truthfully excited to see it all. I’ll be surrounded by beautiful vistas and beautiful people the whole time!

Is there any part that you are… more or less… dreading?

The part I guess I would say I’m dreading most is just sun exposure. The desert and high passes will promise lots of that for me but I will go prepared with sunscreen and proper clothing.

Do you have any plans to hike more trails after the PCT?

mountain views female hiking appalachia


I absolutely plan to hike other trails after the PCT. A few are the Continental Divide Trail (CDT), Arizona Trail, Te Araroa (in New Zealand), and maybe the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT). That’s a small portion of a very long list. I might even like to revisit the PCT but do it on horseback instead of on foot.


Female Appalachian Trail Thru hiker Katahdin

Follow along on Dustan’s hike on Instagram (@fcgoeswest) and Facebook! We wish her the best of luck!  

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